Welcome to my GP2X (homebrew) webpage

This is the main page of GP2X (homebrew) webpage.

Generally my (NDS) work is mainly aimed at people that want/need to learn more on the user level (try to know at least the basics when asking questions and etc.), my reviews and guides also aim at writing for the more experienced homebrewer (read my DS guides for example). In the case of the GP2X this isn't much different however some of my GP2X work might be a bit more in depth. This because the GP2X enables this easily.

As the GP2X is an 'open' system running Linux many things can be done with it. Also writing games and applications is on one hand easier then on many other consoles or handhelds. The GP2X comes in two flavours, the GP2X F100 (with several releases) and the F200. From the using only level they are relativly the same with the main differences being the GP2X F200 has a touchscreen and has 4 directional buttons instead of a joystick. It's not ALL better though (from both a user and a developer point of view).

One thing I want to make very clear as also stated in my Beginner Guide To DS Homebrew:

I do not approve of piracy.

Piracy is something often associated with running homebrew. Pirating is a term used for running official games you do not own, or do own, but are not allowed to play in some way by law. Homebrew is creating and sharing programs made by yourself and/or others for free. This means that no business is attached to the software. Please keep in mind that this also means that there is no support for the software, unless someone will provide it for you.

On a side note, this webpage looks best with Firefox or Opera, IE does not render it correctly.

If you use any of my work, in any way, I would like you to send me an E-mail in the manner described in my beginners guide to DS homebrew, in the "Final Words" section. Although this is not requested by the Creative Commons license (that I have chosen), I would really appreciate it.

Again, if you wish to contact me please read the "Final Words" in my Beginners Guide To DS Homebrew.

-Simon van de Berg

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